Trout Fishing in Kenya  Lions on your back cast? by Brian M. Wiprud  

Angler's Travel to Africa  Logistics for trout anglers. by Brian M. Wiprud  

South Africa's Karoo: By Campervan by Laurianne Claase, Africa Editor

Sharks: The Whole Tooth See how Kim, the shark lady, from Gansbaai, is doing for sharks what Disney did for lions by Laurianne Claase, Africa Editor

Into the West: South Africa's Western Cape by Harley-Davidson African touring on the king of American motorcycles by Laurianne Claase, Africa Editor

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Southern Lights:  South to Cape L'Agulhas. As far south as Africa gets.  Next stop Antarctica by Laurianne Claase Africa Editor
Bushman's Kloof: An African Tale African bush comes in a variety of delicious flavors.  Bushman's Kloff is but one by Laurianne, Claase, Africa Editor

Pineapples and Prima Donnas: The Grahamstown Festival Arts in Africa? Expect all sorts in Grahamstown and a giant pineapple by Laurianne Claase, Africa Editor