A DAY IN THE PARK (Lone Star Park Horse Track)

by Annette Bignami

If you are in Dallas or Ft. Worth and enjoy following the ponies, visit the Lone Star Park Race Track at Grand Prairie. This beautiful facility with 36,000 square feet with a seating capacity of approximately 8,000 seats, seven levels houses state-of-the-art video, box seats and a penthouse suite.


You don't have to much hot dogs here.  Try the glass-enclosed climate-controlled Silks Dining Terrace with its tiers of tables that overlook the one-mile main oval and 7/8-mile turf course for viewing. A video monitor at each table plus the large monitor added to watching the re-runs of the race.  You can either order off the menu or treat yourself to all you can eat at the buffet lunch. Check on the shrimp, crab and other delights and you may end up grazing the buffet and abandoning any thoughts of dinner.  That's too bad.  Dallas and Fort Worth have a number of wonderful restaurants. If you have to ask you may not be able to afford the penthouse, and reservations are needed. Admission does include an open bar with attendant, elegant catered buffet. For large groups of 25 or more, check out the current rates with the office.

But racing is really the reason to visit. As each race gets nearer the excitement of placing a bet on your favorite horse builds.  You will hear the people cheering their horse on during the race then happiness or groans depending if you had the lucky pick.

The park offers services directly to you table to place bets or you can go to the window or use the computer machines to place your bet.  Prior to your bet you can view the horses and jockeys at the saddling paddock which is nicely landscaped.  Here you'll hear people talking about the horses and figuring out the odds or in my case, (as with many) I pick the horse because I like his colors or his looks. I think I need to change by system.

Families can walk around the 2-½ acre park and enjoy picnic, visit the petting zoo, ride the ponies and play in the bounce houses.  The working stables are interesting and worth a tour check out the times with the main office.

For Information call the following phone numbers in the metroplex, call 972-263-pony or call toll free 1-800-795-race.