GSTAAD, SWITZERLAND - Surprisingly unpretentious, with extensive, pretty ski slopes.

Gstaad is renowned as a jet-set resort, but for 'ordinary' holidaymakers, too, it is civilized, crowd-free and rustic, with beautiful scenery, quality hotels and excellent off-slope facilities. However, it's not convenient, snow sure or cheap.

What's Great
What's Not-So-Great

+ Gstaad is one of the largest ski areas in Europe.

+ Well known for its luxury hotels and shopping, excellent service, and international stars

+ Skiing and snowboarding are abundant for both the novice and the advanced skier

+ A vast array of activities can be found year-round in Gstaad

- Little challenge for racing and competition skiers

- Very little snowmobiling or ice-climbing in the area

- There are no major tourist attractions right in Gstaad - they are located several miles away

- Snow is somewhat unreliable due to base and peak altitudes