BREUIL CERVINIA, ITALY - Mile after mile of high-altitude, snowsure cruising

What brings people to Breuil Cervinia (as the resort now styles itself) in winter in the 20th century is what brought climbers to the original village of Breuil in the 19th century: altitude. For climbers it was a launch pad for assaults on the nearby Matterhorn (Monte Cervino).

For winter sports, it offers an unusual combination: slopes that are gentle and extensive, sunny and snow sure. For cruisers who like to cover the miles on flattering slopes with no worries about unexpected challenges, there is nowhere like it. But experts should steer clear: they'll find the slopes tame and the link with Zermatt disappointing because it doesn't access Zermatt's best slopes.

What's Great
What's Not-So-Great

+ Extensive mountain with miles of long, consistently gentle runs, usually with excellent snow

+ Ideal for early intermediates and anyone who isn't looking for steep challenges or nasty surprises

+ High, sunny and snow sure slopes amid impressive scenery

+ Link with Zermatt in Switzerland provides some spectacular views and good lunches

? Very little to interest good or aggressive intermediates and above

? Almost entirely treeless, with little to do in bad weather

? Lifts prone to closure by wind, particularly early in the season- Village center pleasant, but ugly buildings further out

? Steep uphill walk to main lifts, followed by lots of steps in station

? Few off-slope amenities