LES MENUIRES, FRANCE - Lift our eyes to the mountains - and keep them there

by Louis Bignami

Les Menuires is hideous, at least to our eyes. One day, we confidently predict, they'll simply knock most of it down and start again. But not everyone agrees - and it is certainly the bargain base for the Trois Vallées, with the bonus of immediate access to the excellent, challenging slopes on La Masse, rarely used by visitors from the other valleys.


What's Great
What's Not-So-Great

+ Probably the cheapest place to stay in the famously extensive Three Valleys area - biggest in the world

+ Some great local slopes

+ Lots of slope-side accommodation

+ Extensive artificial snowmaking

? Possibly the ugliest resort in the Alps

? Main intermediate and beginner slopes get a lot of sun

? No woodland slopes- Nursery slopes are busy as well as overexposed to the sun